Owned and Managed by Allamsetti PapaRao Charitable Trust


  • To set up and administer educational institutions of all kinds at any suitable place, under any suitable name under the trust for such courses and training as the Trustees may deem fit.
  • To give scholarships, aid and Friendship. To deserving and meritorious students for education, training, up-grading for any kind of vocation as the Trustee may deem fit.
  • To do all that is necessary and incidental for the purpose of achieving the educational and all other objects, including purchase and acquisition of land and construction of buildings for the Trust at Hyderabad
  • To Provide literacy programmers where possible for the upliftment of the poor and needy.


  • To provide financial assistance or provide, where possible, all kinds of primary health care and advanced and specialized diagnotic , medical, surgical and all without discrimination at any suitable place as the trustee may deem fit as funds are made available.
  • To construct or acquire building or equipment for the purpose of meeting objects of the Trust.


  • As funds are made available, the Trustee may agree to provide relief of and kinds in cash or kind, without discrimination, for feeding the poor and needy and disturbing medicines, clothing, providing clean drinking water, for crafts, trades and self help and self support, employment programmers for uplifting the people and in underprivileged sections, jails, juvenile homes, slums or any place deemed fit by the Trustees.
  • To provide spiritual help, literature, counseling facilities and opportunity for rehabilition, recupreaton and peaseful dwelling of old, aged, sick or tired people as and when possiable and to provide for all that is needed for such persons to come back to the normal life according to their age.


  • To hold conferences, seminars, courses of short or long duration (spiritual or secular) for the benefit of those who need such teaching and to set up institutions and administer them accordingly, for the said purpose and suitable place.
  • To publish, print, distribute and sell books, booklets, magazines, papers, journals, circulars and others reading or audio-visual material indulging cassettes in connection with the objects of the Trust.
  • To establish and maintain contact with institutions inside and outside which have similar objects and affiliate to the Trust.
  • To hold public and private meetings for the spiritual and secular objects of the Trusts as and when found suitable in the best interest of the people as the Trust may deem fit at any suitable place.


  • To arrange partnership programmes with other organizations for social development projects or do such projects solely by the Trust.
  • To administer and run training, developmental and employment projects for rehabilitating socially ostracized persons such as drug addicts, lepers, prostitutes, mentally and physically handicapped and those doing child labour and any other group of socially, economically backward group.
  • To undertake projects for improvement of environment, employment generation and the eco-system such as cleaning programmers, agriculture projects, air Pollution and assist those in need of help.
  • To offer consultation on all social work aspects and areas in which the Trustees can be of any assistance including prayer and counseling.


  • To plan supervise, advice, run and administer projects for income generation to run the Trust and use or any of the income generated solely for the charitable purpose of the Trust and to solicit donations, subscription, contributions donations from those sympathetic to cause of the Trust.
  • To offer all kinds of consultation on professional basis to help the staff and other organization start, run or improve their work that is similar to the work of the Trust for co-operative effort.
  • Donations Made To The Trust Will Be Exempted From Income Tax U/S 80G OF Income Tax, 1961.


Dear Sir,

APRCT is Registered Charitable Trust and to the charitable activities for poor and needy people of our society. Main welfare activities of the Trust are payment of Scholar Ships to the poor, meritorious and handicapped students, rendering financial assistance to the widows by giving monthly pension. Also rendering financial assistance or provide all kinds of primarly health care to the needy people.

We are seek your co-operation and esteemed patronage by way participates in the noble cause. Please send your donation by way of Online or Cheque/DD/cash in favour of "M/S ALLAMSETTI PAPARAO CHARITABLE TRUST". All the donations are eligible for deduction of Income Tax under Sec.80g of Income Tax Act.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,


Managing Trustee